I have had the great fortune in the past 25 years in Real Estate  to help many, many people find homes and make money on investment properties.  I have listened to a collection of the most incredible stories. My life is rich with diversity and friendships that I have made on this journey.


25 years ago I was first licensed as a Real Estate Professional in Rossland/Trail and my journey began.  Our average house price was probably $50,000 and we were being introduced to a new concept “Buyers” agency. The market was flooded with houses, I would gather up my clients in an old Burgundy Vega and we would climb the mountain to Rossland.  Seeing 25 houses in those days before a client made an offer was pretty common and at the end of it, we were all confused...which one had the incredible garden??? No internet to refer back to then.


In 1996 I returned to my home town of Whitehorse  to work as a REALTOR®. There was no buyer agency in the Yukon back then and there still might not be buyer agency?  It was like working in the old Wild West, I had a gun pulled on me one day, who ever said that being a REALTOR® is easy?  Sled dogs loose in yards and frozen vehicles were my nemesis. I put 170,000 Kilometers on my car in less than a year when I had the ‘Town’ of Faro for sale.( I had rolled the previous car when trying to insert a CD and driving much too fast)  There were no hotels then and it was just easier to drive the return 360 Kilometers than sleep in the back of the car and get eaten by mosquitoes.


My most cherished award came from the Town of Faro, they made me an Honorary Citizen for going Above Their Expectations while I was selling the houses in their community.  We needed to increase the population base so that they could maintain the school, a very worthy cause.  Their children would have had to attend school in Whitehorse and been billeted out. Way too far for little kids to be away from their families.


Present day and I am  once again experiencing Great Fortune.  I am the Owner/REALTOR® for 2% Sunshine Coast Inc. here in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Powell River, BC. I have struggled for a long time with the imbalance of commissions and cost of properties which are loaded onto the backs of my friends and neighbours. The amount of time required to find and complete a real estate transaction has been minimized with the intense use of the internet, but the cost to do business has not followed suit.


I work hard and deserve to make great money, but not at the expense of my fellow humans.  I have always loved the full circle concept where everyone wins. When 2% Realty came knocking at my door it was as if all of my considerations for a FAIR business model had been made especially for me and presented as a gift.  A gift that in turn gets passed along to my neighbours! There is no free ride and there is a lot of work involved, but I am once again proud to be a REALTOR® who is giving back to my community.


2% Realty Sunshine Coast Inc., and myself Sunny Dawn, look forward to doing business with you that will be Above your Expectations.  


Thank you for your time.



Sunny Dawn, Owner & REALTOR®

604 414 7372


Kaitlin Melvin, Owner


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My story is truly the Canadian dream.

With my husband and two small boys I defected from Poland 35 years ago.  We quietly sold off our few belongings and told friends, family, and neighbours that we were taking a family vacation in Greece. It tore at my heart to leave family.  Once in Greece we sought asylum as refugees.

The sale of our belongings in Poland only brought us the minimal amount of $1000.  Inflation in Greece was extreme, and our meager savings did not last long.  We took any work that came our way and lived off the sea creatures that we caught and ate, we were refugees for 3 years before we reached the sanctuary in Canada.

I spoke Russian, Polish and Greek when I arrived in Canada but not English (I now also speak Spanish).  English is a difficult language to master, and I struggled with it.  We ended up in Calgary where I won scholarships to SAIT and I continued to finish my studies in Chemistry, still struggling with English. I graduated with Honours and a Diploma in Chemical Technology.

After many cold and dreary winters on the Alberta prairies my current husband Steve and I went in search of sun, sand, and warmth, we found our garden of Eden in Costa Rica.  We settled in and built and developed housing and started our own Real Estate Company, The Red Mango.  We were a boutique company dedicated to serving a select clientele to provide great service to an international community of expats.

Years came and went, and the heat of the tropics became a challenge, it was time to look for another location in the sun but closer to where my heart was still connected, Canada.  I saw a little piece of heaven for sale in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast, BC.  I had never been to Powell River, but studied the area and having lived in many places in world could see that this could be that place where I finally lay my flip flops.

I flew from Costa Rica and I looked at the one property that caught my eye, I have indeed found paradise.  The beginning of the rest of the story is that I joined my good friend Sunny at 2% Realty Sunshine Coast and am a licenced realtor. Once again, I can provide exceptional service to my clientele.  I believe in paying things forward, I am very thankful to have had the good fortune to become a Canadian Citizen and love to help my community by keeping their money in their pockets!  Thank you CANADA, Thank you Powell River!


Krystyna Nessman, Associate, REALTOR®




Born and raised in the small town of Powell River, BC on the Sunshine Coast, Jamie's hometown roots remained planted as she plans to grow her real estate business close to home while continuing to keep an active involvement in her community. Jamie brings with her 14 years sales experience in the furniture industry as well as interior design. When Jamies not in the office you'll find her spending quality time with her two children, Brooklynn and Linden while enjoying the beautiful nature of the West Coast that she proudly calls home. Her dream is finally a reality and she looks forward to building new relationships and finding her clients their perfect home !


Jamie Hardie, Associate, REALTOR®